PE-bear – version 0.1.8 avaliable!

This time I added some of the features requested by users (i.e drag-n-drop), and tried to fix disturbing bugs (like not removing keys from registry). Thanks for all your e-mails and ideas! I know that many things are waiting for improvement, but please, be patient! Next week a new bundle of features is coming.

P.S. Please don’t send me proposals of some illegal jobs, like cracking software etc. I will not be responding, but just ignoring them.

Links to download are (as usual) here:


Special thanks for help in debugging goes to (in chronological order):

  •  Karcrack (finding bug#2, extensive black box testing)
  •  Sfires (code review helpful in resolving some tricky handlers issue)

Major Fixes:
[bug#1] In adding to Explorer: problem with removing paths from windows registry
[bug#2] In GUI: unwanted refreshing (periodical blinking) on some Windows configurations
[bug#3] Invalid Exports parsing
[bug#4] Not showing Imports when ImportsSize == 0

Major Features:
[feat#1] Refactored presentation of ExportsTable
[feat#2] Added TLS Table
[feat#3] Opening multiple files by Drag-n-Drop

+ internal refactoring, optimization etc.

+ tested on big set of malware (> 2000 samples, including malformed) – never hanged (but if you find any sample on which it hangs, please send me and the hotfix will be next day)


PE-bear opens without problems even malformed PE-files, on which many other popular PE viewers hangs. Below: CoST from corkami

PE-bear handles even malformed PE files, on which other popular PE viewers crash



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