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Hijacking extensions handlers as a malware persistence method

Recently I gave a presentation titled “Wicked malware persistence methods” (read more here). After releasing the slides I got questions about some of the demonstrated methods – especially about the details of extension handler hijacking – so, I decided to … Continue reading

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Introducing PE_unmapper

Recently I wrote a small tool, that can be used as a helper in malware analysis. Various malware types unpack their core modules in memory, load them and run. In order to unpack them fast, we can let the malware … Continue reading

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Princess Locker decryptor

[UPDATE: 28th Nov 2016] – unfortunately, recently a new variant appeared, that fixed the bug which allowed me crack this ransomware. If generating the key takes more than few minutes,  it probably means that you has been infected by the … Continue reading

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How to turn a DLL into a standalone EXE

During malware analysis we can often encounter payloads in form of DLLs. Analyzing them dynamically may not be very handy, because they need some external loaders to run. Different researchers have different tricks to deal with them. In this post … Continue reading

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Unpacking NSIS-based Crypter – part 2

After publishing my short tutorial about unpacking NSIS-based crypter I got one more sample from a reader who complained that my method doesn’t work – so I decided to take a look inside. Of course cybercriminals continuously work on improving … Continue reading

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Unpacking NSIS-based Crypter – step by step

Nowadays we can encounter many malware samples packed by a crypter using installer scripts. We can distinguish them by a NSIS tag on Virus Total: Often, (but not always) they come with a standard NSIS icon: In this tutorial, I … Continue reading

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Decoders for 7ev3n ransomware

7ev3n is yet another ransomware about which I wrote some time ago (for Malwarebytes – you can read more here). It uses custom cryptography and I managed to decrypt several variants.  In this thread you can find my decryptors (and … Continue reading

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