ViDi Visual Disassembler is a tool for static analysis of PE files,
based on bearparser (license) & capstone (license)

Current version (  early beta), released 30.04.2015

UPDATE: ViDi is open source now:

Builds available here:

windows-iconfor Windows: [32bit] [64bit], *requires: Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package, available here: [Redist 32bit] [Redist 64bit]

linux-iconfor  Linux: [64bit], (requires: libqt4-core, libqt4-gui)


This page is a space for your comments and feature requests. Please, contribute and help making ViDi a top quality tool 🙂


11 Responses to ViDi

  1. Setekh says:

    I think i\m in love with you, without ever seeing you 😀 This is the best debug tool EVER! Would you marry me?

    • hasherezade says:

      Hahaha. Glad that you like it! However, I cannot support this request. I support only feature requests 😉 So if you have any, feel free to share (by the way – improved version will be this week)

  2. P4 says:

    would be great if you ported it to linux without the need of wine (well, maybe except the red semi-dry Kindzmarauli during the work 😉 ).

  3. dr nyanpasu says:

    It works like a charm on Linux x64. Here’s the screenshot
    Btw, I’ve been using PE-bear for quite sometime and I love it.

  4. Anton says:

    Will not touch your tool until the source code is released. FYI, it might be illegal to link your code against capstone because it’s GPL.

  5. antekone says:

    Thanks for creating the Linux build. Tested on ArchLinux, runs without problems & works well.

  6. Tennn says:

    like this
    where have release ?

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