PE-bear – version 0.1.5 avaliable!

Thanks a lot for Your interest in PE-bear! I am very happy to see how many people downloaded it just in few days! It really motivates me to work hard on this project. Today I uploaded a new version with several requested fixes. Obviously I could not do at once everything I wanted, but I hope You will like to stay with PE-bear and keep updating!


Major Fixes:

  • optimized sections loading (now application won’t hang even for files with huge number of sections)
  • in adding to explorer menu: added missing quotation marks to the registry entry – now opens also paths with spaces

Major Features:

  • File Header and Optional Header are fully editable
  • Added possibility to follow any RVA selected in headers
  • In Export Table – displaying function RVA

Minor Features:

  • in File Header and Optional Header – separated value and its meaning
  • linked sliders of hex and text view

Minor fixes:

  • displaying only a file name (not a full path) on the vertical header and tab

Sample screenshots



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Programmer and researcher, interested in InfoSec.
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