PE-bear – version 0.2.0 avaliable!

Nowadays I am pretty busy, that’s why this release came so late… Sorry for this! And thanks for all the e-mails pushing me to hurry up ^^. It’s nice to know that someone cares. This time I focused on improving the usability of GUI, especially Preview about which I received complaints. It’s still not finished, but I hope – significantly better.

Links to download are (as usual) here:


Special thanks to Karcrack for testing!

Major Features:
[feat#1] In Preview: added navigation with the help of diagram
[feat#2] Sections Headers made fully editable

+ lot of internal refactoring and optimization…



Using context menu. you can extend description shown in the graph

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Programmer and researcher, interested in InfoSec.
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2 Responses to PE-bear – version 0.2.0 avaliable!

  1.    says:

    Where is the source code of this!?

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