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Flare-On 7 – Task 9

This year’s FlareOn was very interesting. I managed to finish it with 87th place. In this small series I will describe my favorite tasks, and how I solved them. I hope to provide some educational value for others, so this … Continue reading

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Hook the planet! Solving FlareOn4 Challenge6 with libPeConv

Recently I started making a small library for loading and manipulating PE files (libpeconv – it’s open source, available on my GitHub). In my previous post, I demonstrated how the Challenge 3 from FlareOn4 could be solved with it’s help: … Continue reading

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Solving 7+ years old crackme (CC-Team, Arigo CrackMe8)

[Polish version / polska wersja] Intro Yesterday night I’ve got an idea to search some unsolved Polish crackme. And I bumped into this one: http://cc-team.org/index.php?name=projekty&show=43. There is no solution on the site, and I found none searching in Google. Perhaps, … Continue reading

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Keygenning ESET’s CONFidence 2012 Crackme

Intro Hi again. First, sorry for delaying this post so much, but i am currently so busy, that barely i am finding time for something more than necessities. Anyways, here comes the post about keygenning the CONFidence 2012 Crackme… In … Continue reading

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Ghost CrackMe solution

Once upon a time (about one year ago) I wrote a CrackMe. It was originally published here: http://www.secnews.pl/2011/05/16/wyniki-konkursu-pimp-my-crackme/ (now also available: http://www.crackmes.de/users/hasherezade/feed_the_ghost/ and here http://www.crackmes.us/read.py?id=444). Since till now nobody solved it, and some persons asked me about the solution i … Continue reading

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