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WARNING: I don’t use Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/HASHEREZADE is not my account (seems like some spoofing).

  • birth year: 1988
  • nationality: Polish
  • gender: female
  • marital status: married
  • education: 2011 – master in Computer Science
  • occupation: In the past I was a full time C/C++ developer. Now I have my own small business offering consulting services. Analyzing malware for Malwarebytes, sometimes doing freelance development.
  • e-mail: hasherezade[at]gmail.com
  • experience: I am passionate about IT since my early teenage years. From that time I collected wide range of experience – working as a scientific researcher, C/C++ developer, pentester and analyst. Currently, I spend most of my time analyzing malware and responding to incidents – however, I still love to code.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hasherezade
Github: https://github.com/hasherezade
My Crackmes.de profile: www.crackmes.de/users/hasherezade
My WeChall profile: http://www.wechall.net/profile/hasherezade

More: https://about.me/hasherezade

15 Responses to About

  1. aquacompass7 says:

    From Japan. Thank you for following my blog.  Following from Poland has begun. I went to next Germany and Czechoslovakia.

  2. takijeden says:

    No kidding, you are a woman? You have quite unusual interests… Anyway I like your PEBear project.

    • hasherezade says:

      It’s funny people keep on asking me this question again and again. And since some are asking also whether I was born as a woman I am giving an open answer: “No, I became a woman when I grown up – I was born as a girl 🙂 “

  3. Evan says:

    Is there any possibility to read your master thesis?

  4. itisallforme@mail.com says:

    need so info are you white grey or black

  5. Attila says:

    hello from Turkey. when you have a free time.can you write long list of your recomended book’s.

    • hasherezade says:

      hello. I think in the near future I will write a post about it. regarding malware analysis, I use most of the time online sources rather than books. but I have “Malware Analyst’s Cookbook and DVD” and I like it.

  6. taieb says:

    I am a teacher at the university, now i can’t open my course’s docs because
    my system is affected with cerber virus and all my files has been encrypted if you can help me pls advice…

    tkank you

  7. pack88 says:

    Really enjoyed your article on the newest ransomware- Way over my head but totally interesting!! I can’t understand why people question if you are a woman!! Who cares, you are an awesome coder and you write well!!

  8. Punit Gattani says:

    Hi ,

    My all files has been effected by Cerber 4.0
    Can you please help in this regards

    • hasherezade says:

      If it is really Cerber, I am not capable of helping, because it is not decryptable. But it may also be a fake Cerber. Please send an e-mail with some sample files and I will let you know.

  9. I dropped you an email at hasherezade@gmail.com regarding the newer princess version.
    All the best.

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