PE-bear – version 0.3.7 available!

This time I focused on improving usability and implementing the features requested by the users
/* greetz to: Vincent, dummys, Ivan, sdax/ringi, Javier, and others! */


Major bugfixees:
– Support for unicode paths and tags

Major feature list:
– automatic calculation of: MD5/SHA1/Checksum
– opening files via shortcuts
– saving path to last open file
– added: reload PE

…and more!



About hasherezade

Programmer and researcher, interested in InfoSec.
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4 Responses to PE-bear – version 0.3.7 available!

  1. antek says:

    Nice tool. Glad to see a Linux version — it’s working quite well. Will it support ELF format at some point?

  2. Nice tool, a graphical resource viewer/editor would be a nice improvement though, so you could view image resources.

    I see you’re using a lot of my signatures from PEiD in your SIG.txt, a credit or link would be appreciated 🙂

    Have fun!
    Neil HippieKiller

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